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SKU: 9810403

Black Rider boots are ideal for everyday use because they go with any look without sacrificing protection of the foot and ankle guaranteed by CE certification.

SKU: 9810419

The Company 3 are low boots developed for the increasingly specific needs of the urban biker.

SKU: 9810385

The sporty, winning look of the Ducati Corse City low boots is the clearest evidence of the attentive development work done together with TCX.

SKU: 9810418

Theme boots are ideal for the sporty biker looking for the principal technical characteristics and look of a racing boot in low-top footwear.

SKU: 98103084

The Short Track open face helmet is the result of the collaboration between Ducati and Bell, two brands that have characterised the history of motorcycling and have taken original ideas from the past interpreting them in a contemporary way.