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SKU: 98769712

Colorful and sparkling graphics inspired by the fabulous 80s: Eighties Mania is the T-shirt with a light glitter effect dedicated to all the girls who want to enter the Land of Joy! Made of 100% cotton.

SKU: 98769480

Essential and contemporary, tank tops are the signature garment of the Scrambler lifestyle. Made from elasticized cotton in the new Pop color of the Land of Joy.

SKU: 8769802

The sage green, camouflage graphic t-shirt resonates with the Scrambler DNA. Watercolor print for a supple, impalpable and understated effect. Garment dyed to show off color highlights on stitching and thicker areas. A glamorous T-shirt glaring with feminine style.

SKU: 98769185

Yellow also shines at night. 100% viscose, this black t-shirt boasts a glitter version of the iconic Scrambler logo. Simple but with great appeal.

SKU: 98769800

Sweatshirt with hood ideal for your free time.

SKU: 98769172

A casual hooded sweatshirt for women. This piece, with full zip, can be worn all year round.

SKU: 98103072

Designed with a minimal but authentic Ducati look, this windproof jacket is made of a soft-shell fabric incorporating the innovative Rev’it's WindBarrier® membrane with a fleece lining.

SKU: 98104048

Thanks to its sporty graphics, the Ducati Corse Windproof 3 is the ideal piece for all Ducati fans

SKU: 9810311

The jeans Company 2 are comfortable and easy-to-wear, created to guarantee protection and safety while wearing a pair of trousers with marked urban style.

SKU: 98104050

The Breeze jacket, designed by Aldo Drudi exclusively for Ducati, is a garment that combines contemporary construction with a classic design.

SKU: 98103390

The development of Trucker Patch, in perfect Scrambler® style, takes the volume of a lifestyle jeans jacket and cleverly redesigns it in terms of volume to contain CE-approved protectors on the shoulders and elbows while also protecting the biker from the wind.

SKU: 98103168

Created by Spidi exclusively for Ducati, the Redline jacket is dedicated to the needs of the Ducatista who roams the city with casual style but doesn't want to compromise on safety.

SKU: 98102796

A full mesh constructed jacket for summer riding, Flow 2 is produced for Ducati by Spidi.

SKU: 98103699

The Tour V2 trousers for sport touring are designed by Aldo Drudi and made in collaboration with Spidi Sport.

SKU: 98103077

Inspired to the Urban Enduro version, the Outdoor jacket, is equipped with CE protectors, fits a back protector, and is designed to adapt to any situation.

SKU: 9810378

The Ducati Corse C3 fabric jacket, which is available in male and female versions, is designed for sport-touring use.

SKU: 98103697

The Tour V2 jacket for sport touring is designed by Aldo Drudi and made in collaboration with Spidi.

SKU: 9810383

The Strada C3 trousers are perfect for every type of journey, durable, water resistant, and ventilated thanks to high-performance materials

SKU: 9810381

The CE-certified Strada C3 jacket has been designed for long-range rides in any climate.

SKU: 9810324

The Company C2 jacket is produced in collaboration with Dainese, in comfortable and resistant New Nappalan cowhide, and is available in men's and women's version in two colors and also in perforated version.

SKU: 9810414

The Company C3 trousers, produced by Dainese exclusively for Ducati, have an essential and elegant look and are designed for those who ride their bikes every day.

SKU: 9810416

Designed by Aldo Drudi and produced by Spidi exclusively for Ducati, the Heritage C1 leather jacket has volume and ergonomics developed specifically for urban riding.

SKU: 9810412

The IOM C1 jacket, inspired by the Ducati 900 Super Sport livery that on 2 June 1978 won the Tourist Trophy at the Isle of Man, revisits the past in a contemporary way.

SKU: 9810447

Sebring, available for men and women in the very dark brown version, is the perfect leather jacket to wear in the city.

SKU: 9810320

Produced by Dainese for Ducati, in men's and women's version, the Stealth C2 jacket is created in elasticated New Comfort Moto cowhide, comfortable and durable thanks to special greases that lubricate the fibers during the tanning process.